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Complied by, Prof. Rocky Jagtiani,
Technical Head Suven Consultants
Contact Number :- +91 98925 44177
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Class room training at Dadar , Borivali and Thane Training Center

CourseLocationDay TimingsStart DateEnd DateFees*Internship datesExam dates
VacationThaneEveryday 8 am - 12.30 pm18th June
4th July
Rs. 7500/-*
Rs. 6500/-
before 1st June
5th, 6th JulyAfter internship
DadarEveryday 1.30 pm - 6 pm

*Monster India Member Certification and Exam fees of Rs 1000/- is inclusive in the total fees

Venkatesh classes Dadar: 9920204587,Thane: 9920204591,Borivali: 9920204589.

45 hrs - Training
12 hrs Practical on Laptop
12 hrs Company Internship
Total : 69 hrs

CourseLocationDay TimingsStart DateEnd DateFees*Internship datesExam dates
RegularThaneSaturday12.30 - 5 pm25th July
10th Oct Rs 7500/-
Rs. 6500/-
before 1st July
Will be InformedImmediately After Internship/Semester Exam
BorivaliSunday11 - 2 pm19th July
11th Oct

*Monster India Member Certification and Exam fees of Rs 1000/- is inclusive in the total fees

Venkatesh classes Dadar: 9920204587,Thane: 9920204591,Borivali: 9920204589.
What is android? read feedbacks of IT companies

Simply an Operating System (OS) created by Google to run on any small electronic devices such as cellphones, e-books, Media Internet Devices (MID), netbooks, Internet tablets, and many others devices in the future. An OS is similar to Windows that controls your desktop or laptop personal computers. Google fully developed Android and make it into an Open Source. Now, any phone manufacturer can use Android without expensive license fee from Google. Because it is Open, manufacturer can modify Android without restriction, allowing it to fit the device they are making - total freedom. This makes it a big incentive for any device manufacturers to adopt Android. The ability to run tens of thousands of apps is another big incentive.To develop such apps, U must have knowledge, which comes after becoming Android Certified Programmer ( ACP).

Why Googles Android phones are better than the iPhone? Download e-Brochure

There are many reasons why Googles Android phones are better than iPhone or any other Smartphones on the planet.

One main reason can be simplify in just one word: CHOICES !

Imagine a phone that is as capable and better than the iPhone but without the monopoly of one company, Apple. That is what Android is all about. The ability to run tens of thousands of apps just like the iPhone but with choice of phone models that you can choose from. The choice of with or without physical keyboard, shape, color, phone size, screen size, manufacturer, features, and phone carrier. No more monopoly by one company on one carrier. Choices drive competition. The competition within Android phone manufacturers itself will inevitably make Android phones even better than what it is today, and in a short period of time.

What are the different levels of Android Training?

Complete Mobile and Web Application professional needs to undergo 2 levels

First: Android Certified Programmer (ACP)

Second:Advanced Android with 100% Placement Assistance
( Also called Corporate Training batch (CTB) )

Where to enroll ?

At Venkatesh classes Dadar: 9920204587,Thane: 9920204591,Borivali: 9920204589.

Benefits of doing Android Certification:

  1. Knowledge of the latest Mobile OS - programming.
  2. In depth usage of Java in a useful way.
  3. Android Certification helps a lot in getting Research Project Assistance-ship at US universities.
  4. Helps Non-IT students to clear technical rounds On - Campus.
    (Note : Your Java-Practical Knowledge becomes strong after training and internship )
  5. Android Level - 1 Certification includes Internship. The flow of Android Certification Programme :

Step 1:
Steps and source to install -
1. download JDK from

2. Visit ""
Read all the content carefully, under the title "Get the Android SDK"
Click on blue button i.e. "Download the SDK" button.
Accept the terms and conditions, select 32 bit/64 bit and click on download button shown below.
Once download completes, you will get a zip file. Extract the contents from it to appropriate folder.
Install SDK Manager by clicking on SDK Manager.exe file.
Go to eclipse folder and click on eclipse.exe to install Eclipse
Visit "" and follow the given steps till configure the ADT Plugin.

You may watch the Video Tutorial. This video is for Eclipse - Indigo , presently you are downloading and using Eclipse Juno. But still this video would give a fair idea about the complete installation process.
If you get an error during the installation process , immediately google, you are bound to get an appropriate answer ; mostly from stackOverflow. Follow the corrective measures. Still problem persist , we are here to help. Just mail your queries to

DPAD Solution for API 17 Onwards(fixed)
Step 2:
Steps to run a sample android program ( Activitylifecycle ) on your home PC.

Step 3:
List of practical programs executed in class. To be practiced at home too.

Step 4:
How to upload an Android app on market - click here
Step 5:
See photos of students from thane and borivali successfully learning and completing Android programming with Internship project.

See Photos
Step 6:
See photos of students from Chembur, Dadar,Thane,Dombivali,Borivali and Nerul centers - successfully certified as Android Programmer and / or Web Technologist and successfully placed.
Click Here
Step 7:
For all information on all Final Year projects " Download the Suven Consultants & technology App from Google Play " - Click Here
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Sample Resume Format Download

After ACP students can enroll for Corporate Traning Batch (CTB)

About Rocky Jagtiani

He has 14 years of training experience in training Engineering students out of which 3.5 yrs is in corporate training on Open Source Technologies Like Android OS programming , JavaScript , PHP -MySQL and HTML-CSS-Jquery. He is on panel of 17 IT (SME) Companies for Training on above Technologies. He loves to write SQL queries, PL/SQL blocks and do Hacking( ethically of course ). Have conducted many Oracle Training workshops (on 12c SQL and 11g Pl/SQL for Engineering College Teachers) He has trained around 1900 students at Android Workshops at various engineering colleges. Presently he is working as the Technical Head at Suven Consultants and Technology pvt Ltd. , which is Member to Monster India. He is entrusted with responsibility of educating students across engineering and technical colleges all over India. He is specialized in PHP - MySQL , Android - mobile OS and Oracle-SQL-PL/SQL. He has also worked with a team of professionals with ICICI bank IT team in developing an Mobile ERP system.