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List of Android Programs developed and executed as part of ACP course

  1. Activity Life Cycle
  2. AutoComplete TextView
  3. Basic Views
  4. Calling BuiltinApps using Intent
  5. Connect to Server(php or Servlet) using Asynch task
  6. Using Content providers
  7. Building own Context menu
  8. Demonstrate date and Time picker Combined
  9. Send an Email to 1 or more Recepients
  10. Make a Alarm like App using Time Picker
  11. Sense Location on Google Maps and show (lat,long)
  12. Linking Activities using Intents(Multi-App Activity)
  13. Show Items in a List View
  14. Show Google Maps in a Map View
  15. Building own Options menu
  16. Change Orientation from Landscape to Portrait
  17. Passing data through Bundles
  18. Progress Bar View
  19. Relative layout
  20. Resizing and Repositioning
  21. Returning Result from Activity
  22. Save data to File on Phone Memory
  23. Save data to SD Card
  24. Use Shared Preferences
  25. Send Sms - Version 1
  26. Send Sms - Version 2
  27. Show items in Spinner View
  28. Store and Retrieve Data from SQLite DB
  29. Simple time Picker App
  30. User Interface Activity
  31. Coding User Interface using Java (not xml)
And many more....

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Project Managed by : Prof Rocky Jagtiani and his team.

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